About Ardes


Adam Chiang Chung Yuen is a graduate of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1995. After graduation, he worked at international building consultant company. During that period, he gained extensive experience in contractual procedure, architecture & interior design and project management and worked with notable development parties, such as Ka Wah Group, Hang Lung Properties, New World Development Company Limited, Steve Leung Designers Ltd., P&T Architects and Engineer Ltd., Ronald Lu & Partners, in Hong Kong and greater China. He is also a member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors and Interior Design Association (HK) Ltd.

His professional training and solid project management experience has provided him a comprehensive knowledge of every process, from architectures to interior design. And it brought him to have detailed considerations and minute examinations. What’s more, the plenteous working experience helps him realize and tackle various limitations, and fully recognize the importance of unity between creativity and reality. To strive for perfection, today, he established stable commercial relationships with various remarkable brands, for example, Lane Crawford, China Everbright, Beacon etc.


Interior design is something closely linked to Creativity, Aesthetics, Management and Pragmatism. Human being has desired a Warm, Cozy, Sweet, Stylish and private area for millennia. Ardes is an innovative interior design studio based in Hong Kong, which believes in creating delicacy but intimacy, chic and modern living environment with minimal lines, advanced materials, designer’s unique spatial sensibility and sense of beauty.


Our sophisticated design and project team have worked over a decade, and we pride ourselves on the client-oriented services. In every project, we listen what the customer’s want, and aim to provide timely and cost effective solution.

Our specialists actively communicate with every client, and participate in every stage, from the early involvement in site visiting, to the contract and final stage. To ensure a high quality services and work best to satisfy our customers, from quotation, space planning, brand images, drawing preparation, on-site coordination, color tone and theme setting, high-quality materials selection, furniture design and decoration, all process are followed in a detailed plan and by the expert group. We strive to implement our motto “with strict budget and quality control, reinterpreted a delightful and natural spatial style for our unique clients”. 


“Take every details seriously, using the grace substances to present a style”

“Being a pioneer of trend-setting, rather than being a trend follower”


We offer professional design services from all categories of interiors such as retail shops, apartments, offices, especially stocks and bonds offices. The company has also been honored with numerous design projects, and co-operating with renowned brands or accounts.